Apply for a preschool placement

Children of ages one to six years are welcome to attend any of our 80+ preschools in Skellefteå Municipality.

To read about the Swedish preschool, clink on the link below.

Preschool – what it is and how it works

How to apply

You can apply online or through a physical application form. The online app requires that you have a Swedish Bank-ID. The application must be signed by both guardians (unless you have sole custody).

Application form for preschool placement External link.

You can also get a physical application form at the Town Hall or by calling our customer service at 0910 73 50 000. Send the completed form to:

Skellefteå Municipality
Trädgårdsgatan 6
931 85 Skellefteå

To get a preschool placement, the child’s guardian(s) must be:
- working,
- studying,
- on parental leave,
- or actively searching for work.

There may also be other reasons to why your child gets a placement, such as specific physical or psychological reasons.

In the application, you can specify which preschools you prefer. However, there is no guarantee that you get your preferred choice as it depends on if there are any open spots there. If not, you will be offered a placement in another preschool as near as possible to your home.

The administration period is four months, starting from the day the application is submitted. Your desired start date in the application should therefore be four months ahead (or more).

You will receive notification about the preschool placement at latest one month ahead of the start date. You must accept or decline the placement after you have received the notification, in line with the instructions you are given in the notice.

We do the best we can to place siblings in the same preschool, but we cannot guarantee that it's always possible.

Example: If several children are queueing to start at the same preschool at the same time, siblings of children who already attends that preschool will be prioritized. But if there is no open spot at the desired preschool when you apply for your younger child, we will offer you a placement in another preschool in your residential area. Sibling priority does not extend to taking the place of a child that’s already been placed at the preschool in question.

Example: If several children are queueing to start at the same time for a bilingual Swedish-Finnish preschool, children whose guardians have specified a Finnish-language activity will be offered a placement first.

The preschool introduction period lasts for around two weeks to ensure that your child gets familiarized with the new environment and people, together with you as a guardian. After this, you can go back to work or studies again. We may agree to bring forward or postpone the introduction by a maximum of 14 days.

Starting from mid-August in the year your child turns three, he or she is entitled to attend free preschool for a total of 525 hours a year. It equals approximately 15 hours a week.

Change or cancel preschool placement

If you want to change preschool, you need to submit a new application where you state the new preferred preschool(s). As soon as this is done you will be part of the queue and get a new placement when possible.

Leaving preschool and cancelling your spot

If you know that your child will leave the preschool soon, we need you to give at least two months’ notice. This includes when the time has come to start elementary school.

To cancel your place, use the online app, or fill out and send in the form below.

Form: cancel your placement in preschool , 45.4 kB.

If you have questions or need further guidance, you are welcome to contact our customer service at 0910 73 50 000, or email your request to

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