The summer setup of preschools and after-school centres

During four weeks in the middle of the summer; from July 10th to August 4th, Skellefteå’s preschools and after-school centres are organized differently.

If you plan to have your child there during these weeks, you need to submit a specific application for the summer no later than June 7th.

The reason is that most Swedes have vacation during summer, often for 4-5 consecutive weeks. Therefore, very few children attend preschool and after-school centres (”fritids”) this time of the year. As a result, the majority of all units are temporarily closed. If you need a place for your child during the period July 10th to August 4th, there are designated units open.

This also regards those who usually have their child at OB activities (preschool and after-school centres at inconvenient working hours).


If you want to apply, you are welcome to call our customer service at 0910-73 50 00 or send an email with your request to

If you plan to work or study during the period July 10th to August 4th and are in need of childcare, you are welcome to apply. Please note that this applies only if both guardians are occupied. If one of you is off from work or studies, your child will stay at home with you during this time.

The open preschools are:

  • Barnportalens förskola
  • Byggklossens förskola
  • Moröhöjdens förskola
  • Björnåkers förskola
  • Gomorronsols förskola
  • Hamnens förskola
  • Lövångers förskola
  • Tallbacka förskola
  • Jörns förskola
  • Mineralens förskola
  • Brännans förskola
  • Södergårds OB verksamhet

The open after-school centres are:

  • Bolidenskolans fritidshem
  • Burträsksskolans fritidshem
  • Bureåskolans fritidshem
  • Byggklossens förskola
  • Furuskolan samarbetar med förskola
  • Kågeskolans fritidshem
  • Lejonströmsskolans fritidshem
  • Lövångerskolans fritidshem
  • Sörböleskolans fritidshem
  • Bergsbyskolans fritidshem

You are welcome to call our customer service at 0910-73 50 00 or send an email to

To be able to plan for our pedagogical staff’s summer vacation, we need the applications ahead of time. If your application is submitted after June 7th, we cannot guarantee a place in your nearby area.

You will receive an email on June 17th with information about which preschool or after-school centre your child can go to during the summer vacation period.

The OB-unit that will stay open during the summer is Södergårds OB-förskola.

If your child doesn’t already attend OB-activities, you will need to apply. You are welcome to reach out to our customer service to get more guidance in how to do this, at 0910-73 50 00 or email

Yes, you register absence in the same way as usual (in the Edlevo app). In addition, you must also notify the preschool or after-school centre by texting or calling the unit.

Yes, the fee is calculated in the same way during summer.

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