Art, dance, crafts and performing arts

Nordanå is Skellefteå's cultural center. Here you will find Skellefteå Museum, the Meijer Collection and Museum Anna Nordlander. In the same area is Handens hus, a center for craftsmen and artisans in Skellefteå.

Museum Anna Nordlander (MAN) is a meeting place focusing on contemporary art and gender issues. Using art as a starting point, MAN wants to discuss and reflect on issues related to gender and identity. Through exhibitions, projects and an extensive educational program, MAN asks the question: Who gets to be human on whose terms?

An institution like MAN exists to broaden and expand perspectives in the art world and, by extension, society.

The museum's mission also includes problematizing and reflecting the position of women in art history. MAN's art collection consists of artworks by female, mainly Nordic, artists, but the museum also organizes temporary exhibitions with an international scope.

For more information on current exhibitions, see MAN's website.

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Skellefteå Museum is a cultural-historical county museum and is located at Nordanå. The museum is responsible for museum activities and cultural environment protection in Skellefteå, Norsjö and Malå municipalities.

Skellefteå Museum has a county responsibility for industry and technology after 1900. Skellefteå Museum AB also includes MAN - Museum Anna Nordlander, which promotes contemporary art and art education, and Stackgrönnan's boat museum.


The museum's basic exhibition Storsia and the play area Barnsia depict the local history of the village.

The temporary exhibitions address current social perspectives for a shorter period of time and are primarily shown at Nordanå and Sara Kulturhus in central Skellefteå.

Stackgrönnan's boat museum, about a mile east of Skellefteå, displays a unique collection of utility boats from the Skellefteå area and also houses one of the country's largest collections of boat engines.

Educational activities

Skellefteå Museum AB works continuously with the development of pedagogy aimed at children and young people and school classes based on the school's curricula.

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Skellefteå Konsthall is responsible for Skellefteå municipality's art activities, which consist of four main parts: exhibitions and programs, the municipality's art collection, artistic design according to the one percent rule and the Meijer Collection.

The aim of our activities is to contribute to society by raising awareness of contemporary art and supporting artistic work. Konsthallen is a meeting place where the diversity of contemporary art is made visible and discussed. Our ambition is to arouse interest and increase understanding of art and to promote everyone's opportunity to experience art and inspire their own creativity.

Exhibitions and design assignments are the primary focus, but there is also room for production, publications and research. Skellefteå Konsthall follows government recommendations for artists' remuneration.

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The Meijer Collection is an extensive and growing donation to Skellefteå Municipality by the artist Sture Meijer (born 1931) from Kåge, Skellefteå. The art collection shows Sture Meijer's activities as an artist during sixty years, from the early sixties to today. and includes everything from oil paintings, gouaches, drawings, to sculpture and graphics. The collection of about 200 works is not static but is re-hung every three years, where deepening with different approaches and themes is achieved.

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Handens hus is located at Nordanå and is a forum for handicrafts in Skellefteå.

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Skellefteå municipality has a strong dance tradition and a great interest in the development of dance as an art form. Kultur Skellefteå is constantly looking for new sources of inspiration and works actively to promote dance interest among municipal residents through the purchase and distribution of dance performances and collaboration with local cultural associations and international actors.

SEdans is a collaboration between Skellefteå municipality, Västerbottensteatern, Skellefteå Riksteaterförening and Sara kulturhus.
A series of dance performances, where different dance expressions are highlighted to the audience in Skellefteå.

Kulturskolan's dance educators are active in the municipality's schools. They visit all schools and conduct lessons together with the class teacher in grades 1 to 3.

The idea is for all children to have one dance lesson per week during the primary school year. In the smaller schools, where the class organization may be different, dance is sometimes also offered to pre-school classes and year 4.

Some history about Dance in School in Skellefteå

Since the 1970s, Skellefteå municipality has ensured that as many pupils as possible get to meet dance as an art form in regular classes, under the guidance of a dance teacher. It was Eva Dahlgren, creator of the Boliden Ballet, and her daughter Cecilia, who thought that all children in Skellefteå should have dance. They visited Nils Eriksson, then principal of the Music School in Skellefteå, and politicians to raise the issue.

The result was that an experimental program with dance in schools started. After a few years, Dance in School became compulsory in the lower grades. Today, only Skellefteå municipality can boast an unbroken series of years with dance in schools. In 2017, Skellefteå Kulturskola celebrated its 40th anniversary with Dance in School as compulsory.

Since 2018, we have a changed mission, which means that we will to a greater extent reach the children at an earlier age by meeting them already in preschool.



The Västerbotten County Theatre "Västerbottensteatern" is located in Skellefteå.

The theater is alive in Skellefteå! Here is the Västerbottensteatern - the county's main stage.

Västerbottensteatern in Skellefteå has been the county theater in Västerbotten since 1980. Västerbottensteatern produces theater for children, young people and adults. The shows are performed in Skellefteå, but also go on tour throughout the county.

Something that has become an appreciated tradition is the summer theater at Nordanå. In these productions, the theater's actors are mixed with amateurs.

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