Children and youth culture

Skellefteå municipality works to ensure that children and young people have access to a rich, qualitative and accessible cultural offering both at school and in their free time. They should have the opportunity to take part in as many different cultural expressions as possible to be able to choose what they want to do in their spare time.

During the spring and fall, we offer a variety of dance, music and theater performances for younger audiences. The performances are aimed at different age groups, from babies to primary school children.

Autumn program - ticket release end of August


Northern Circus
A captivating dance and circus performance about a child who, despite his fear of monsters of darkness, finally dares to make friends with it. It turns out that the darkness is big, extensive and full of monsters, but in a completely different way than the child initially thought. The child accompanies his new friend on a dizzying journey and they experience phenomena and wonders that only exist in the dark. The performance Mörkret is told through dance, circus, video projection and music video projection and music and addresses realities, perceptions and ideas about the darkness and the unknown.

Age: From 4 years old
Duration of the performance: 30 min
Saturday, September 16 at 14.00 Hallen, Nordanå cultural area.

Tickets Children 60 SEK, adults 80 SEK + service fee, sold via Skellefteå Tourist Center.
0910-45 25 10,
In cooperation with Skellefteå Riksteaterförening

Dotty goes to bed (not)

Halo Dance Art
It's time to sleep. Dotty runs into trouble. How do you actually put on pajamas? And all the pets that need to be put to sleep... And why should you even sleep when you're not tired? Better to occupy yourself with finger dancing to galloping music... With her gallant blouses and sizzling glasses, Dotty is here again to do great things. On her loop machine, she creates soundscapes out of everyday sounds and most of what she does becomes a silly dance.

Age: From 4 years old
Length of performance: 30 minutes
Saturday, September 23 at 14.00 Hallen, Nordanå cultural area.

Tickets 60 SEK + service fee, sold via Skellefteå Tourist Center.
0910-45 25 10,


Profile Theater
Agnes is a star author whose debut book was a huge sales success. Now she will attempt the difficult art of following up on that success. Felix is an illustrator and artist who has been tasked with illustrating Agnes' new book - a thriller for young people. Agnes and Felix have never met before met before, plus Agnes is suffering from writer's block and her deadline is approaching.
approaching. When Agnes mentions that there is a cottage in her family that nobody wants nobody wants, Felix's curiosity is piqued. Wouldn't that be the perfect setting for to write an exciting book? Soon they are on their way to an adventure and a story they could never have dreamed of!

Age: From 10 years old
Duration of the performance: 50 min
Saturday November 11 at 14.00 Hallen, Nordanå cultural area

Tickets: 60 SEK + possible service fee, sold via Skellefteå Tourist Center
0910-45 25 10 or

Everyone gets to go with

The Boulevard Theater
A little girl drives her blue truck. She takes many passengers with her; a Santa, a brooding pig, a boy who has fallen, a frozen dog and a sad teddy bear. Together they go to the girl's house and have a lemonade party. The show "Alla får åka med" is based on Anna-Clara Tidholm's picture book for the youngest children. A performance about empathy, community and diversity and the importance of simple, everyday interaction. Being different is good!

Age: From 2 years old.
Length of performance: 30 minutes
Saturday, November 18 at 14.00 Hallen, Nordanå cultural area.

Tickets: 60 SEK + service fee, sold via Skellefteå Tourist Center.
0910-45 25 10 or

The Weave

The Weave is a performing arts work based on and inspired by weaving as a craft, work and place in society. It is a meeting between the movement-based performing arts and weaving textile art. Through the astonishing possibilities of the circus and the abstraction of dance we move under, over, through and together with the loom and its fabric. The performance is inspired by the children's thoughts about the soft material and the experience of embodying the different movements that the loom and the weaving weave together. What place does softness have in our society today?

Age: From 7 years old
Duration of the performance: 30 min
Wednesday, November 29 at 18.00, Hallen, Nordanå cultural area.

Tickets 60 SEK + service fee, sold via Skellefteå Tourist Center.
0910-45 25 10,
The performance is a collaboration between Skellefteå municipality, Skellefteå Dans and Ballet Association, Dans i Västerbotten and Norrlandsoperan.


Profile Theater
Profilteatern's new performance for children revolves around something so undramatic and and mundane as fruit time. But a friendly warning is in place: here we meet a mad scientist who engages in sticky and messy experiments.
messy experiments. Every conceivable law of nature will be defied and and both bananas and clementines will become deliciously alive!

Age: From 4 years old
Duration of the show: 30 min
Saturday, December 16 at 14.00, Hallen, Nordanå cultural area.

Tickets 60 SEK + service fee, sold via Skellefteå Tourist Center.
0910-45 25 10,

We offer educational activities in drama, storytelling, literature, dance, crafts and art. Drama play, storytelling, dance play, the creative bag, storytelling, writing workshops, art workshops, etc.

On the events page, you can take part in both the municipality's and external actors' child and youth culture offerings.

Events page with children and family activities External link, opens in new window. You can choose your language by clicking on the flag in the top right corner.

At the craft club you can carve, paint, sew, braid, crochet, bend, pry and make cool things. In the craft club you meet others with the same interest and you also get to learn more about crafts! The craft club "Slöjdklubben" is aimed at children and young people of school age.

During the holidays, we offer various activities for out-of-school children and young people. Some examples are candle making, making your own skipping rope, storytelling, Fifa tournaments, creative art corners, writing workshops, creative craft bags.

Spira Ungdomsgrupp

Spira Ungdomsgrupp

Spira is a working group within the library that focuses on providing art and culture to young people. Want to get in touch with us about something else? Feel free to contact us!

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Kulturskolan offers learning at different levels in many aesthetic subjects, music, dance, theater, drama and media in various forms.

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