Bathing areas

In Skellefteå municipality there are large and varied bathing opportunities, whether you like to swim in the lake, sea, heated pool or indoors in a bathhouse.

The bath sensors are unfortunately out of use, we will update when they work again.

Municipal bathing areas are scattered throughout the municipality. The bathing areas are usually shallow and child-friendly with services in the form of both changing facilities and toilets.

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  • Boviken sea baths

    Boviken's sea baths have a long, fine sandy beach. There is a volleyball court, playground, barbecue rings with windbreaks, tables and benches, changing rooms and toilets. You will find a kiosk in th...

  • Burträsk bathing area

    At Burträsk camping and the homestead area you will find a lake with good swimming facilities. Changing rooms are available at the beach. At the local community area you will find toilets and a coffe...

  • Byske sea baths

    Byske camping has a long and fine sandy beach that is shallow. There is a 150 meter long floating jetty that is good for wheelchairs. For people with impaired vision, there is a rope along the right ...

  • Danielsten

    Danielstens havsbad is located about one kilometer east of Bureå. There is a shallow beach with fine-grained sand, a volleyball court, changing rooms, toilets and a playground. Before you get to the ...

  • Falkträskbadet

    Falkträskbadet is located a few kilometers southwest of central Skellefteå and offers a large grassy area and a smaller sandy beach.

  • Klössand/Lövångers havsbad

    Lövångers sea bath has a very nice sandy beach with sand dunes. There is a toilet, volleyball court, barbecue ring with windbreak and changing rooms.

  • Mobackenbadet

    Mobacksbadet has a natural pool with tiles and grass. There is a barbecue ring with a windbreak, changing rooms and a toilet.

  • Sidtjärns bathing area

    Sidtjärn offers swimming opportunities in a lake. There is a shelter, tennis court, pump track and volleyball court.

  • Sjöbosand bathing area

    Sjöbosand has a fine sandy beach that is particularly popular with families with children. There are toilets, changing rooms, a barbecue ring with a windbreak and a kiosk during the summer.

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Other bathing areas

In addition to the municipal bathing areas, there are many other fine beaches around Skellefteå municipality. Some are designated bathing areas that are managed by, for example, villages and associations. The municipality does not carry out any checks or sampling at these places. You can also visit our outdoor pools or bathhouses:

Cercariae is a parasitic larva that can infest humans. It does not penetrate the skin but can cause itching that can last up to a week.

Cercariae are unusual in bathing water in Skellefteå municipality, but it can happen on occasion.

Always shower after bathing.

All bathing sites with an average of more than 200 bathers per day must be classified as EU bathing sites. Skellefteå municipality has two EU bathing areas: Bovikens havsbad and Byske havsbad.

The classification means that the municipality must take bathing samples from the bathing sites 3-4 times per season.

Skellefteå municipality is responsible for counting the number of bathers and reporting EU baths to the Swedish EPA's data host.

No, it is not allowed to dive from the bathing jetties.

Skellefteå municipality cleans and checks the bottom of municipal bathing areas to ensure that there are no objects that visitors can injure themselves on.

Before jumping or diving from rocks and high heights, it is important to check that there are no obstacles or objects under the water surface that you can hurt yourself on.