Fishing permit

Are you an avid fly fisherman or do you want to fish for perch in central Skellefteå? There's a wide variety of fishing here - but first make sure you read up on the rules and buy a fishing licence where required.

A fishing licence is a temporary authorisation for a limited period of time and each fisherman must therefore be able to present the fishing licence together with a valid identity document. Fishing licences are purchased by local fisheries management areas, either digitally or directly from the association that coordinates fishing and carries out fisheries management. Click on the map to find the right fisheries management area and buy a fishing licence. You can also contact the Skellefteå Tourist Centre if you need help buying a fishing licence.

Click here to go to the Skellefteå Tourist Centre website External link.

Although fishing is free in some places, there are some important rules to keep in mind for you as a fisherman regarding the size of the fish and the time of year when they can be fished.

Click here to read more about national and local fishing rules

We hope that more children and young people will experience the fun of fishing. For those under 16 years of age, fishing is free in lots of fishing waters in Skellefteå municipality. The only thing you need is a Youth Fishing Card.

Click here to read more and buy the Youth Fishing Card

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