Youth fishing card

If you are under 16 years old, you can discover fishing in hundreds of fishing waters within Skellefteå municipality for free! This is possible thanks to a cooperation with local fishing associations. With the Youth Fishing Card you can fish in fifteen fishing areas. Remember that the local fishing rules apply.

How to get a Youth Fishing Card

You can get your Youth Fishing Card free of charge at the Skellefteå Tourist Centre, which is located by the pedestrian street next to the square in Skellefteå. It is also possible to buy it on the websites and

Important to follow the fishing rules

Fishing rules are there to protect our fish stocks so that too many fish are not caught. A good thing to remember is that fishing rules can vary between different waters. There are both national fishing rules and local fishing rules for different fishing areas. Remember that it is your responsibility to find out what the rules are before you start fishing. Always show your fishing licence when asked.

Good to know!

The youth fishing permit is valid until the next turn of the year. The card remains valid for the entire period of validity even if the buyer turns 16 during this period.

All fishing is done under the responsibility of the holder. The angler must be able to present the fishing licence at the time of fishing inspection. Identification will be made by means of a registered telephone number of the buyer and the guardian. Local fishing regulations apply. It is the responsibility of the angler to find out the rules where they will be fishing and follow them. Fishing violations will result in contacting the guardian and the fishing license may be revoked.

The youth fishing card is valid in the fishing areas marked on the map

EXCEPTION: Please note that the Youth Fishing Card does NOT give access to fishing in any of the waters where the clubs release fish. These are waters and fisheries also known as put & take.

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