Bergsbyn, Ursviken and Skelleftehamn

In this area, the Skellefte River offers fantastic opportunities for those interested in fishing. Spring and autumn are the big migration periods for sea trout and salmon, when there are extra fish in the area.

The Bergsby dam is a migration barrier for small fish, which means that during certain periods large numbers of fish congregate on the stretch downstream of the dam. Most of the spawning sea trout in the Skellefte River are caught here. The average weight is generally lower here than upstream of the dam. Both shore fishing and trolling are popular in the area. The most common baits are heavy spoon trolling, spinning flies, wobblers, tube flies and bottom fishing with shrimp or squid as bait. In both summer and winter you can fish for grayling, whitefish, pike and perch in the coastal area.

Bergsbyn to Gunsen

Fishing at the Bergsby dam is very popular. This fishery is not covered by a fishing reserve. To fish here you must have the permission of the fishing owners. Most common is spinning fishing with shrimp, squid or spinning fly. Fishing takes place close to the bottom and bottom snapping is therefore not uncommon. Please note that fishing from shore takes place adjacent to private property and great care should therefore be taken with behaviour.

Boat fishing is popular in the area. It provides the opportunity to fish effectively across the entire width of the river. You can also anchor up and use the boat as a platform for normal spinning.

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  1. Tuvan. Good stretch for boat fishing in spring and autumn. Popular baits are tube fly or wobbler. Fishing by boat is often done by cruising back and forth across the entire width of the river.
  2. Bergsbyn, upper. Fishing is good upstream of the dam and average weights are often higher than downstream of the dam.
  3. Bergsby dam, north. One of the river's most popular fishing spots from shore. Many fish are caught here. Fishing is really good at higher flows.

Stackgrönnan to the Sundgrund bridge

Pike and perch spawn in Bergängesbäcken, from the Skellefte River up to Lake Yttreviken. Therefore, fishing in the estuary is particularly good during spring and early summer. To fish here, you must have the permission of the fishing owners. Ursviksfjärden has many species of fish and there is a lot of sport fishing in the area, both in summer and winter. Species caught include perch, salmon, roach, pike, whitefish, grayling and sea trout. Access to a boat gives you greater opportunities. If you do not have a boat, canoes are available for hire at Kanotudden. The winter ice makes the whole bay accessible for different kinds of fishing. Several of the fishing spots in the area are known to be good, and large salmon have been caught.

Bild på karta över fiskeområden från Stackgrönnan
  1. Scharins. The area at the mouth of Bergänges stream offers good pike fishing.
  2. Innerviksfjärdarna. Pike spawn in the bay in spring. Before and after spawning, the fishing can be really good, fish shallow.
  3. Björnsholmen. One of the best places for winter salmon fishing.
  4. Degeröbacken. In late spring, large perch are caught in the area. And summer pike fishing is top class.
  5. Öhn. Good fishing spot for both perch and salmon.
  6. Alderholmen. Good spot for perch and roach.
  7. Båtpassagen. Perch often gather at the culvert, fish on the inner side.
  8. Sundgrund Bridge. The area around the bridge offers good pike fishing from spring to autumn.

Kurjoviken to Storgrundet

This area offers fantastic fishing for whitefish. The best time is early winter on new ice or late spring when the ice has thinned. Whitefish can sometimes gather in large numbers. Early mornings usually give good results but in late spring it may also be good to try fishing just after noon. The pilot station is a good place where you will often find bite-sized whitefish, rarely any large schools but often larger fish.

Around Storgrundet the fishing for pike and perch is really good. Fish from the sea thrive in the sheltered bays. Several species migrate up to spawn in the small lakes up towards Snesviken. In Snesviken you can fish both summer and winter. Fishing is most effective from a boat. Winter fishing provides better opportunities for spontaneous fishing trips for perch and roach. Most fishing spots in the area are relatively accessible.

Bilden visar karta på fiskeområde från Kurjoviken till storgrundet
  1. Killingörviken. Fishing and spinning at the road drum.
  2. The harbour basin. Popular spot for fishing for whitefish
  3. The pilot station. Here large and eager whitefish gather. You also have a chance to catch grayling.
  4. Thieving chest. Whitefish and grayling gather around the small foundations.
  5. Brambärsviken. Good fishing for pike and perch throughout both summer and winter.
  6. Storgrundets bathing place. Well-known fishing spot for pike and perch.
  7. Snesviken. Spinning for pike in summer and
    perch in winter. Fishing at the small island.
  8. Brambärsviken. Pike fishing for perch is good throughout the bay. Also try the north side of Brambärsgrundet.

Harrbäckssand to Kågnäsudden

The area has many good fishing spots for winter fishing for whitefish, grayling and sea trout. To find fish, you should look for shallower areas where the depth is no greater than about one metre. The fish often stay close to rising shoals and rocks where currents form, or in bays with smooth sandy bottoms. Fishing in the area is at its best when the ice cover does not reach too far out from the coast, when fish are concentrated in fewer places. During the ice-free seasons, you can spin or fly fish for sea trout and grayling in the area around Kågnäsudden. A spoon or a casting bob rigged with a fly is effective for coastal fishing.

Bild på karta över fiskeområde Harrbäckssand
  1. Harrbäck sand. In the area you can catch whitefish, grayling and sea trout. Fishing between land and island.
  2. Southern Herring Catch. Sillskataviken is shallow and has a mostly sandy bottom. At times there is a lot of whitefish in the area.
  3. Penningskrinet. Along the shore from Penningskrinet and Långsanden, whitefish often patrol in search of food. Ice fish in shallow water close to land.
  4. Kågnäsudden. The shoal at the southern tip of the island is a good fishing spot for grayling and whitefish. Also try the area between the island and the mainland.
  5. Kågnäsudden. In the area you can catch sea trout, cast out towards the island.

Örviken and yttre Ytterviksfjärden

The Örviken area offers good coastal fishing for perch and pike in both summer and winter. In summer you can combine your fishing trip with sunbathing and swimming at the fine beach. In the currenty sounds towards Ytterviksfjärden there are many small fish. This attracts larger predatory fish to the area. Perch in the kilo class are caught annually on both spinning and angling at the road over Smågrunden.

Winter jigging gives a chance to catch many different species in the area. Most common are perch, roach, salmon and whitefish. If you're lucky, a grayling or sea trout may take your bait. Timmerviken is sheltered from the sea and the ice remains here for a long time, which provides good conditions for ice fishing for whitefish well into the spring.

Bilden visar en karta över fiskeområde över Örviken
  1. Road drums. Popular fishing spot for pike and perch during the summer.
  2. Bathing bay. You can fish for perch and roach in the current at the road humps.
  3. Ytterviksfjärden. Salmon seek out currenty areas in straits with rocky bottoms. Fish in the evening and look for salmon along the deep edges.
  4. Sundudden. Good pike and perch fishing during the summer. Fish near the bridge.
  5. Skolviken. In bays, sea pike swim in to hunt, best fishing in spring and autumn.
  6. Timmerviken. Good spot for whitefish well into spring. Good for jigging, stay in shallower water.
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