Burträsk- Neboträsket to Bodträsket

The Bure River is a forest river that begins in the area south of Bastuträsk. On its way to the sea, the river flows through several fine fishing lakes, such as Neboträsket, Burträsket, Bodträsket and Mjövattsträsket.

The most common species for sport fishing around Burträsk are pike, pike-perch, perch and bream. You can also fish for grayling and trout in some of the small streams. Burträsket is one of the largest lakes in the municipality and offers a wide variety of fishing. Large pike and pike-perch are caught in the area every year. You can reach many fishing spots from land, but a boat gives you more choices. The fishing area has boats for hire, which are rented out by Burträsk camping. Canoes can be rented at the campsite in Bodbysund.

North Burträsket

The northern half of Burträsket has a great variety of character. Steep deep edges, great depths, shallow areas and free-standing pebbles. The greatest depths are on the north-eastern side, while the southern part has a more shallow and even bottom structure. In spring, predatory fish swim into shallow bays to spawn. Before and after spawning, they are hungry and easy to catch. During this time you can therefore catch large specimens of pike, pike-perch and perch from land. A good fishing spot is at the mouth of the Bureälven (Bure river) in Burträsket. Later in the summer, as the water warms up, the bigger fish head for colder waters at greater depths. If you are looking for your dream catch, trolling with a wobbler, jigging or jigging can be effective methods for catching pike, pike-perch and perch in deeper water. In the evening, the free-standing grounds may be worth a visit.

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  1. "Gargviken". Good bay for pike fishing close to the centre of Burträsk.
  2. Kommunisterviken. The entire bay from the river's inlet in Burträsket down to Lappskatan offers good opportunities for pike fishing. Boat recommended.
  3. "Åbybron". Around the bridge and down to the inlet of Burträsket you can catch pike.
  4. "Grynnan". Large numbers of small fish often congregate at free-standing shoals close to deeper water; at dusk, predatory fish swim in towards the grits to hunt.
  5. The cape of Åberg. The deep water edges here run close to land, giving the opportunity to fish in the depths even from land.
  6. The "deep channel". The walleye is often deep during the day. Trolling with slightly smaller wobblers along the deep edges can be a very effective method.

Southern Burträsket

The southern half of Burträsket has a greater average depth and few shallow areas. At Tonäset on the southern side, the deep end is close to land, making it possible to fish relatively deeply without using a boat. The area around the marina and Smedsholmen is close to Burträsk and offers good fishing grounds for pike and perch. To catch pike-perch, you should head out to greater depths, along the southern shore of Långnäset or in Moralandet on the southern side of Burträsket are good areas. For the pike fisherman, a visit to Vargviken can yield good catches. If you want to take a break from fishing, there are swimming and barbecue facilities at Smedsudden or out at Långnäset.

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  1. Ports. This fishing place is located near the centre of Burträsk, here you can fish for pike, perch and meta roach.
  2. Smedjeholmen. Outside the campsite is the island of Smedjeholmen. Around the island you have a good chance of catching pike and perch. Also a good spot for jigging in winter.
  3. Långnäsudden, north. There are plenty of perch in the shallows north of Långnäsudden.
  4. Jungfruviken. Trolling along the southern edge of Långnäset usually yields good catches of both pike and zander.
  5. Skataviken. Good fishing for pike in the bay.
  6. "Moralandet". During the hot summer days, trolling off Tonäsviken can yield good catches of pike.
  7. Tonäsgrundet. One of the best places for pike fishing.


The outlet of Burträsket is located in Bodbysund where the river flows further down into Bodträsket. This shallow lake offers easy fishing for pike and perch, which thrive in the shallow warm water. At the marina in Bodbysund you can fish from the docks or rent a canoe for a longer trip in the Bureälven, which is one of the municipality's fine canoe trails. Further downstream you will find Svarttjärndammen, which regulates the water level in the lakes. Next to the dam is one of the municipality's most popular spots for bream fishing, during the summer you can catch large bream here.

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  1. "The Outlet". Fish congregate near the mouths of lakes, so predators are never far away.
  2. Bodbysund. Easy fishing spot close to the boat harbour with its floating docks. Canoes are available for hire in the area.
  3. "The deep hole". On hot summer days, the pike head for the cooler waters of the deep.
  4. The outlet of the Kvarnris stream. In the shallow water at the outlet of the stream, small fish gather to feed, and predatory fish are never far away.
  5. Black Tern. This lake-like part of the Bure River holds a lot of pike.
  6. Black Tern Pond. One of the best places in the municipality for bream fishing. Fishing downstream of the power station dam.


Strax uppströms Burträsket ligger sjön Neboträsket. Detta är en sjö med stor variation i sin bottenstruktur, vilket ger spännande möjligheter till olika sorters fiske. Sjöns djupaste partier når ända ner till 11 meters djup. Tack vare detta trivs gös och gädda eftersom de kan söka sig ner i djupet mot kallare vatten när sommarens sol värmer. För att nå de bästa fiskeplatserna och det lättaste fisket efter gös underlättar det att ha en båt, men det finns även många bra platser för fiske från land.

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  1. "The Outlet". At the outlet of Neboträsket you can catch pike close to shore, most easily in early spring before the reeds have grown up.
  2. Northern Åbyn. Along the shore down to the outlet you can go pike and perch fishing in summer.
  3. Island. Close to the island there is a good chance of finding a school of hungry perch.
  4. Holmen. On the north side of the island you can fish for perch in both summer and winter.
  5. Burudden. Walleye swim in from the deeper parts of the lake to chase small fish near the river inlet. Fishing with jigs or jigging rods can be effective methods if you know where the fish tend to be.
  6. South of Åbyn. Inside reeds and bays there is always a chance of catching pike, especially before and after the spawning season in spring. When the water warms up, the larger pike will head back out to the depths, if you fish in the reeds on the high tide, the size of the pike is usually smaller.
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