Byskeälven is well known as one of Sweden's best rivers for salmon and sea trout fishing. Fishermen come from near and far to try their luck in the river, many returning year after year. However, the Byske River has much more than just salmon fishing, including stocks of grayling and stationary trout for the lighter fishing.

In the middle of the Byske community there are many good fishing spots and the area offers great opportunities for the fishing enthusiast. In the estuary of the river and the Byskefjärden you can also enjoy fishing for pike, perch, grayling and whitefish. This is possible both in winter and summer.

The river in society

Spring and autumn are dominated by fishing sea trout. The first salmon arrive in mid-May and the fishing is then really good until the end of June. For grayling anglers, the area's rapids and streams offer good fishing opportunities during the summer. Fishing in the community is very popular, so it can get crowded along the fishing grounds. To ensure that everyone enjoys fishing in the Byske River, it is therefore done on a rotational basis. This is based on showing each other respect and giving everyone the chance to fish in the best spots in turn. Start fishing at the top of the stretch and move downstream between your casts. Remember not to step in and fish downstream of someone else who was in the spot before you, in which case ask permission first.

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  1. "Slakteriet." Popular fishing spot for salmon and sea trout. Start fishing at the foot of the rapids.
  2. Between the bridges. Good stretch for salmon and sea trout along both sides of the river.
  3. "Normans". Migrating salmon and sea trout often stop here to rest. The open spaces make casting with fly rods easier.
  4. "Pumpen". Good fishing spot for sea trout. Particularly good at high water levels.
  5. "Polisen". Between the bridge and the rapids there are many good spots for sea trout.
  6. "Östlunds aggan". Fish upstream and downstream of the large boulder.
  7. Tjärholmen. In summer you can fish for perch around the islet.

Byske village

If you come a bit from the village, you will usually be more alone at the fishing spots. But that doesn't mean the fishing is worse here, on the contrary, it increases your chances of catching fish when you can fish in undisturbed places. The area is varied with rapids and streams suitable for fishing for salmon, sea trout and grayling. Along the river's calmer stretches and in the quiet bay behind the Backselet quarry, there are fishing spots for pike and perch.

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  1. Byforsnacken. Good stretch for spinning salmon and sea trout.
  2. "Eskils". Popular fishing spot. Fishing between the ground and the rapids. Good for wading in low water.
  3. "Ol-Olsa", south. Fishing upstream of the rapids and in the deep hole downstream of the neck.
  4. "Ol-Olsa", north. Between the barn and the rapids there are several good spots for grayling. Fishing of deeper areas near rocks
    and shallows.
  5. Backselet. Both pike and perch lurk in the calm water inside the quarry. Spinning and angling can produce good results here.

Stensjön and Fällan

A really good stretch of fishing suitable for both the expert and the beginner. The fishing for sea trout is very good and larger sea trout are often caught here and stop in the area during their spawning migration. There are also several good fishing spots for salmon along the route and fishing is best in early summer. The grayling is the most common fish species along the area's streams and a very nice sport fish. However, there are long distances between the really big grayling, but the fishing is still enjoyable.

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  1. "Polygripes." Start fishing at the bend of the river and fish your way down to the rapids.
  2. Häggholmselet, north. The stretch between the grassy foundations and the rapids has several good spots for salmon. To reach the best fishing spots, you have to wade out a bit into the river.
  3. Svidjeforsen. Sea trout are often found at the foot of the rapids. Fish the deeper areas and you have a good chance of catching them.
  4. Häggholmselet, south. Good spot for spinning for sea trout and salmon. Fish your way down to the rapids.
  5. Häggholmselet, north. The lower parts of the harness offer good grayling fishing. The water is shallow which makes wading easy.
  6. Häggholmsforsen. There are good grayling beds all along the rapids. Look for hollows and calmer water in the rapids, where you will find the grayling.

The Byske River estuary

Byskefjärden is home to grayling and whitefish. During the summer you can
occasionally experience good fly fishing at the area's headlands, islets and islets. Perch and pike can be caught in the river's estuary. Spin fishing in the calm waters around the river mouth usually yields good catches. Pike fishing for grayling, whitefish and perch is very good in the area. The best time for jigging is early winter and late spring.

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  1. Spånggrönnorna. In springtime, spawning fish migrate in from the sea, giving you a particularly good chance of catching pike in the estuary.
  2. Stenarmarna. Along the stone arms you can go fishing for perch and pike in summer.
  3. Flakaromsgrönnan. At the south-eastern tip of the island there is a good area for fishing for whitefish and grayling.
  4. Rödhällan. Outside the hill there are good bottoms that attract grayling and whitefish to the area. Fishing is good in both summer and winter.
  5. Pimpelgrundet. Good place for winter fishing for whitefish and grayling. Drill carefully to avoid "rock drilling" in the shallow area.
  6. Svartnäsudden. Whitefish and grayling can be found along the shoreline. During the summer they can be caught on spinning gear or flies. In winter, jigging is good in the area.
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