There are many opportunities for those interested in fishing in the area around Kåge. The meandering course of the Kåge River through the Kåge Valley and the coastline of the Kåge Fjord cover many different types of fishing, in all seasons.

During spring and autumn you can experience fantastic fishing for sea trout. Trout can be found along the river's streams and if you're lucky, a rock-hard salmon bite can brighten up your day. You can fish for grayling along the rapids, and they'll happily take the bait. For those who want to fish for other species, the quiet stretches of the Kåge River offer fishing for pike, perch and salmon. In the estuary out to Kågefjärden there is a rich supply of prey fish. Fishing for hunting pike and perch can therefore be of a very high standard at times.

The Kåge River in the community

During spring and autumn, sea trout migrate up the Kåge River. The fishing can be excellent and very popular, making many fishing spots crowded. In order to fit everyone in and give them the chance to fish in the best spots, the rotation principle is applied. This means that you start fishing at the top of the stretch and move downstream between throws. Be careful not to step in and crowd someone who is fishing the spot before you, in which case ask permission first. Effective baits are flies, spinners and wobblers. The "hottest" fishing spots are often in the vicinity of the "necks" of the rapids, as well as in the deeper sections along the river's stream and rapids. In colder waters in early spring and late autumn, it is best to fish a little deeper and use larger lures.

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  1. Kvarnforsen. The river's lowest fishing ground for sea trout. Fishing along the edge of the stream at the foot of the rapids.
  2. "Kvarnforsnacken". Good fishing spot for both spinning and fly fishing. There are often fish under the bridge.
  3. Kvarnselet. Pike and perch can be found in the calmer parts of the river. Fish with a wobbler or spinner.
  4. "Höljan". Here you will find a deeper hollow where fish can be found.
  5. "Skolnacken". Start fishing about 150 metres above the rapids and work your way down towards the rapids.
  6. "The barn". Fish from the barn and down towards the angled rapids.
  7. "Power line". Fish from the power line nook down to the large boulder on the south side.
  8. Starrmyrforsen. In the quieter parts of the rapids you will find grayling. Fish behind and in front of large rocks.
  9. Långängesforsen. Look for grayling stands in the calmer parts of the rapids.

Ersmark village

When you come a bit from Kåge village, you will usually be more alone at the fishing spots. The rapids and streams in the area around Ersmark offer really good fishing for both sea trout and grayling. Along the quiet parts of the river you will find pike and perch. Unlike trout and salmon, pike and perch are often on the prowl even when the water gets warmer. The Kåge River stretches for several miles upstream from Ersmark. Kusmark, Sandfors and Storkågeträsk are some good places to explore for different kinds of fishing. With all this, the Kåge River offers great sport fishing for most tastes and during most of the year.

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  1. Pell-Antsforsen, lower. Here the grayling bite and there is a good chance of catching sea trout.
  2. Pell-Antsforsen, upper. The stretch upstream of the bridge has several good spots for sea trout. The cover at the bridge is often really good at higher water levels.
  3. "Saratuvan". Short stretch of stream that can be good in spring for fish that have overwintered in the river.
  4. "Holmen". Downstream of the island there is a good "pool" where sea trout often stop.
  5. Håkansforsen. In the rapids there are grayling. Fly fishing is often both fun and effective.
  6. "Ryganacken". Downstream of the bridge the fishing is really good. Fish from the bridge and down towards the neck of Håkansforsen.
  7. "Skega". Upstream of the bridge a lot of fish are caught in early spring and late autumn.

Inre Kågefjärden

The coastal stretch off Kåge offers many places with good fishing for pike and perch. Spring fishing before and after the spawning season is the absolute highlight for pike fishermen. Pike gather for spawning in the estuary or along the shallow bays and lakes connected to the sea. Perch are found throughout the bay and fishing is sometimes very good. It is possible to go jigging in most places. But you should be extra careful to tread on the ice around the fairway into the sawmill, as icebreakers keep it open during the winter. The river's estuary can also have weak ice.

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  1. "The River." Many pike gather here during spring and summer. A fishing permit is required to fish here.
  2. Grönnan. In connection with the bridges where the E4 crosses the Kåge River, there is a known good spot for salmon fishing.
  3. "Utloppet". Both pike and perch fishing are good in the river mouth. Especially in spring when fish swim up from the sea to spawn.
  4. Kåge harbour. From the piers you can fish for perch and
    pike during the summer.
  5. Sandviksholmen. Good fishing spot for perch both in winter and summer.
  6. Lillåfjärden. In the bay and towards Storbäcken there are plenty of fish. Fishing is good both summer and winter. Beware of weak ice.

Yttre Kågefjärden

There are a number of good "glass lakes" in the area that were once sea bays. The bays are shallow and are quickly warmed by the spring sun. This means that pike, perch and roach migrate in from the sea to spawn in the area. Spawning takes place in spring and early summer. Spring pike fishing in the bays can be fantastic with pike hungrily pouncing on your bait. As the fishery can produce large catches, it is good fisheries management to release the spawning fish as gently as possible. Fishing is more accessible if you wear boots.

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  1. Bjässviken. Pike and perch gather here to spawn. Good fishing in spring and early summer.
  2. Bjässvikstjärn. Pike from the sea migrate to the pond to spawn. Good fishing periods are before and after spawning, which takes place in May.
  3. Bjässviksholmen. Outside Grytsundet, perch and pike congregate.
  4. Grytsundet. Large numbers of pike gather in the strait to spawn. The bay is shallow and vegetated so use surface baits on spinning or fly fishing tackle.
  5. Grytan. Lake with connection to the sea. Pike gather here to spawn. Fishing can be really good before and after spawning. Fishing with surface lures is effective. It also provides fun and makes for spectacular strikes.
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