The photo competition "Vandringsbilden" 2024

Document your adventure on one of the hiking trails around Skellefteå municipality and take part in the competition "Vandringsbilden" and have the chance to win great prizes. The competition runs between June 1 and September 30.

In Skellefteå municipality there are 20 well-visited and appreciated hiking trails that are maintained by associations. This summer you can participate in the competition "Vandringsbilden", which involves taking a picture when you visit one of the hiking trails and sharing it on Instagram.

This is how the competition works:

  1. Visit one of the hiking trails around Skellefteå municipality, here you can see which hiking trails that the competition applies to . Read more about hiking trails and walks.
  2. Take a picture that reflects the best of your hike and post it in your feed on Instagram and tag the picture with #vandraiskellefteå. You are also welcome to tag the picture with which hiking trail you are on, for example #nasaleden.
  3. After the end of the hiking season, more precisely on September 30, 3 winners will be presented. A jury will select the winning pictures, the jury's decision cannot be appealed. The winners will be contacted via Instagram or via email if you participate by sending the picture to the email address below.
  4. The pictures will, after approval, be presented on this page and Skellefteå municipality's Instagram.

To see all contributing images during the competition, check out #vandraiskellefteå on Instagram (the images submitted via email will not be displayed during the competition).

Can I participate in the competition if I don't have Instagram?

Yes, if you do not have an Instagram account, you can also participate in the competition. To do so, take a photo of your stay and send your picture to:

Send your picture before September 30, mark the email with "Hiking picture" and write which trail the photo was taken from.

Tips for your hike

Before embarking on a long hike, you should break in your shoes properly. Also, make sure you have the fluids and food you will need along the way.

Stopping for an outdoor snack is a big part of the enjoyment of hiking. Along the hiking trails there are many shelters and suitable resting places for this. Remember not to litter, disturb or destroy when you are in the forest and countryside.

Have a nice hike!

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