Flottarstigen Sikån

At the end of the 19th century, sawn timber was Sweden's most important export commodity. Efficient raft systems to transport the timber were therefore important. The timber was floated on the Sikån to the Rickleån and on to the industry in Robertsfors. This is why the raft trail came into being, but there are also many older signs of human activity along the river.

Length: 20 kilometres
Route: road 364 - Villvattnet
Start: you can choose to start in the east where road 364 crosses the Sikån or in the west downstream Villvattnet. You can also choose to start at several other places, for example outside the village of Storbrännan in the middle of the trail. Go to the website and look at the map to find the starting point that suits you best.

Description: the rafting trail passes by varied nature such as old moors and several nice rapids. It offers good opportunities for many great nature experiences.

Good to know: Rest areas with shelters are available at several places along the trail. Overnight accommodation is available in the raft hut at Dödmansforsen.

Attractions: trapping pit system, mowing barn at Storbäcksängarna, raft hut at Dödmansforsen, Tjärdalar, Sami settlement at Lappstuguforsen. Degerlidens nature reserve about 1 km south of Gammåker.

Responsible for the trail: Stora Bygdeträskets FVO External link.

Restoration of the Sikån

In the years 2018-2020, Skellefteå municipality restored the river Sikån between Stora Bygdeträsket and Kalvträsket. The river has now regained its spawning, nursery and wintering grounds so that fish such as trout and grayling can return. The aim of the restoration is to recreate a natural watercourse with biodiversity in and around the water.

The path runs along the Sikån from road 364 in the east to the village of Villvattnet in the west.

Read more at www.storabygdetrasketsfvo.se External link.

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