Nature trail on Vitberget

The nature trail is 5 kilometres long. The trail runs on hilly terrain with a few short, steeper sections. The trail is well marked with blue/white hiking trail signs. Along the trail there are signs with information about the landscape, culture, geology and more.

Length: 5 kilometers.
Route: A loop around the Vitberget area in central Skellefteå.
Start: The parking lot at the start of the Vitberget light trail.

Description: The nature trail runs in hilly terrain with a few short, steeper sections.

Good to know: Along the trail you will find rest areas, shelters and information about landscape, culture and geology.

Attractions: Old forest with high nature values just before the large shelter at the northern part of the trail.

Responsible for the trail:
Skellefteå Society for Nature Conservation

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