Svarttjärns hiking trail

Welcome to the Svarttjärns hiking trail. Here you can hike through beautiful nature to Havsvågen and up to Lidberget, the highest mountain in the Lövånger area. Here you will find a large field of pebbles lying in "waves". There is also a high lookout tower shaped like a moose.

Length: 7 kilometers.

Route: Svarttjärn - Havsvågen/Lill´n -Tuvtjärn - Blyberget - Svarttjärn.

Start: Start and parking in Svarttjärn is about 1.7 km from road 774 that goes through the village. Follow the signs from the road.

Description: The trail goes through beautiful nature, up to Havsvågen/Lill´n around Tuvtjärn and up to Blyberget before returning to the start.

Good to know: At certain times of the year the trail is wet so it is good to have boots or boots. There are barbecue cabins with fireplaces at Havsvågen and Blyberget. A rowing boat can be borrowed for a trip on Tuvtjärn. A cold spring with drinkable water is available all year round. Information board and maps are available at the start.


The cobblestone field is located on Lövångersbygdens highest mountain Lidberget with 151 meters above sea level. The field has the shape of waves, hence the name Havsvågen. At the field there is both a barbecue cabin and an observation tower shaped like a moose called Lill´n. You have a view towards Skellefteå, Northvolt and the sea from both Lidberget and Blyberget. After the trail there is a cold spring with drinkable water, almost two meter high anthills, trapping pits and several different habitats.

Responsible for the trails: Svarttjärns Samverkansförening.

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