Education plan for International class - PreDP and Diploma Programme

Subjects in PreDP

English 5*, 100

History 1b*, 100

Mathematics**, 160

Biology 1b*, 100

Introduction to science Chemistry and Physics, 100

Modern languages 3*, 100

Swedish 1*/Swedish for beginners 1*, 100

Core skills introduction, 100

*Will get the equivalent Swedish grade

** Will get a grade in Math 1c

Subjects in DP*** during 2 years

Group 1:
Language and literature - Swedish, English or SSST

Group 2:
Language acquisition - Swedish B, English B, or Spanish ab initio (Spanish for beginners)

Group 3:
Individuals and Socities - Business and Management or Global Politics

Group 4:
Natural Science - Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Group 5:
Mathematics - Applications and Interpretations or Analysis and Approaches

Group 6:
The arts - Visual Arts or another subject from group 3 or 4

The students choose one subject from each group.
Three subjects at Standard Level (SL) 150 hrs, and three subjects at Higher Level (HL) 240 hrs

All students have the core subjects:
Theory of Knowledge (ToK) 100 hrs, CAS (creativity Activity Service) and Extended Essay

*** These are the current subjects offered at the school
SSST School Supported Self Tanght

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