Automation operator

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As an automation operator in the new green industry that is emerging in Sweden and Europe, you have an important role in the development of a sustainable future.

Skellefteå is a growing European centre of the battery industry and the education will prepare you for a role as an automation operator.

Automation operators work in clean and dry environments and due to automation, industrial work is no longer as heavy as it has been. The tasks involve, for example, automated manufacturing, quality control, preventive maintenance and more. The important thing is that you have an interest in technology and problem solving.

We would like to see both female and male applicants.

The education starts on the condition that the necessary decisions are made.

We reserve the right to update the information on the website on an ongoing basis.

Formal qualifications

  • You are eligible for adult education from July 1st of the year you turn 20. If you are younger than 20 years you are eligible to study if you have a final grade from upper secondary school, an upper secondary school diploma or a study certificate from studies in Sweden at the equivalent of upper studies.
  • It is important that you have the appropriate prerequisites to study at upper secondary level. You need to have a passing grade in English 5 or a passing grade in a course on an equivalent level from a different country.

    If you do not have a grade at the corresponding level specified above, it is possible to prove your language skills through a level test, read more at Nivåbedömning and follow the instructions. Use the built-in web translator to translate the text into English or another language.

  • If you have a grade at the corresponding level from another country, it is possible to evaluate your qualifications at The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), read more and follow the instructions at The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). External link.

  • You need to reside in Sweden.

    If you are applying from another municipality in Sweden, see further instructions under “Application” below.

The structure of the education

The education includes theory and practical elements. Some parts will take place remotely, others will be carried out at Campus Skellefteå. The practical elements often take place in smaller groups and your schedule can be changed on a short notice. If you are participating in the education, you need to be available for full time on-site studies during the day (8am – 4.30pm).

Internal Transport is a course which will be conducted at Solkraft Söder, Verkstadsvägen 2 Skellefteå. You are responsible for getting to the premises where the training will take place.

English is the means communication in the course and educational material is in English. Parts of the education material is available in Swedish. Individual tutoring is available in both English and Swedish. In smaller groups Swedish or English can be the used, depending on the language of the group members.

More information about the premises, schedule, and set-up can be obtained at the start of the educational program.

Working in clean and dry room

In the emerging industry, work in cleanrooms and dry rooms are common to prevent products from becoming contaminated. In the drying room, the humidity is very low.

For more information about this topic, we refer to the industry. They can answer your potential questions in more detail if you for example have problems with eczema. Contact information to the industry can be found below.

Start and stop date for the education

  • The education is full-time and includes 275 credits at upper secondary level
  • The training takes place between 1 April 2024 – 21 June 2024

The education can be financed with study grants and loans from CSN.

Own costs for the education

At the start of education, each student has to pay about SEK 3 200 for gain access to protective clothing, educational materials and program licenses. The fee includes the cost for forklift license that you get at approved training.

You need to have access to a laptop with Windows to be able to gain access to the teaching material. You also need to have access to a headset with a microphone.



Course code


Människan i industrin - partial course



Mät- och styrteknik



Interna transporter - truck



Orienteringskurs grundläggande digital kompetens




To attach to your application

In your application, attach the following via the "Bifoga dokument (Attachment)" function in the application form. Scan or photograph the following documents:

  • Your grades/certificates
  • Copy of any forklift license
  • If you are applying from another municipality: Attach a decision on intermunicipal compensation, IKE, from your municipality of residence. Contact the adult education provider (Vuxenutbildningen) in your municipality of residence.
    Here you can read more about applying to another municipality. External link.
    Use the built-in web translator to translate the text to English or to another language.

The admission process

The admission process starts when the application period is completed. An admission process is expected to last up to three weeks. Acceptance letters are sent by e-mail. It is important that you provide the correct e-mail address and phone number in your application.

Selection of the applicants is based on the following:

  • Specified eligibility requirements
  • Legislation in force

Read more here about how admission and selection works, click on the box Admission rules. Use the built-in web translator to translate the text into English or another language

If you have questions?

About courses and the structure of the training, please contact: Education Leader Bo-Erik Strömbäck on telephone number 0910-73 50 00 (Customer service) or e-mail

About industry-related issues: External link. or email

If you have questions about the admission, please contact:
Email or call 0910-73 50 00 and create a case and we will answer as soon as we can.

About your opportunities for study grants and loans, please contact:
CSN on telephone number 0771-27 60 00 or via the form Question - CSN. External link.

If you want guidance or support in applying for study grants and loans, please contact:
Centre for Study Guidance, CV, on There you can book an appointment for personal guidance, find opening hours and contact details.

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