Childcare during inconvenient working hours (OB activities)

If you work you evenings, nights and/or weekends, you may be entitled to OB activities. This is the term for childcare during inconvenient working hours.

Skellefteå Municipality offers childcare during inconvenient working hours (OB activities) for children aged 1-12 whose guardians work evenings, nights and/or weekends.

When may I be entitled to childcare during inconvenient working hours?

You can get care for your child during inconvenient working hours if all the child’s guardians work variable hours that also include:

  • weekdays from 19:00 to 06:00.
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

In order to have the right to childcare during inconvenient working hours, the need must be regular and continuously recurring. Before applying for childcare during inconvenient working hours, you must have tried to find other ways to meet your child’s need for care. For example, you must have checked the possibilities of having your work schedule changed to weekdays and daytime hours instead of evenings, nights and/or weekends.

For children in outlying areas (more than 20 km from the Skellefteå urban area), the head teacher may decide to offer local OB activities until 22:00. Childcare after 22:00 on weekdays and during weekends is only offered in the Skellefteå urban area, but you can apply for placement there regardless of where in the municipality you live.

You can apply via our e-service

You log in to the e-service with your e-ID and apply for a place for your child there. To access the e-service, click on the link below.

If you do not have an e-ID

If you do not have an e-ID, you can submit an application on a paper form via the municipality's customer service.

You can order a form by calling 0910 73 50 00 or collect one from municipality’s Customer Services Desk.

Send the completed form to:

Skellefteå Municipality
Customer Services
931 85 Skellefteå

You can also leave your completed form at the Customer Services Desk at the Town Hall, Trädgårdsgatan 6.

In order for us to process your application, you must submit your certificate of employment and a work schedule that proves your need.

If we receive an application that does not contain your certificate of employment and work schedule, we will send the application back to you for completion. You may be denied childcare during inconvenient working hours unless your certificate of employment and work schedule are submitted.

How long does it take to get a response?

The processing time lasts for up to 3 months after the application is complete.


Your child’s schedule for the time she/he spends in OB activities should correspond to your working hours, including travel time to and from work, as well as the time (about 8 hours) you need to sleep after night work.
In order for us to guarantee the necessary childcare period, you must provide your child's schedule no later than 14 days before will start to apply.

All guardians need to regularly submit a current work schedule.

We may verify the conditions at your place of employment, e.g., through random checks.

You are obliged to notify us as soon as possible if the schedule you submitted no longer applies, for example because you are ill or on leave.

Keep in mind that your child does not have the right to OB activities while you are on holiday or other leave (for example, flex time, worker’s comp, school holidays). This also applies to guardians with children who live with each of them on an alternating basis.

Extra shifts and temporary schedule changes

If you are asked by your employer to work an extra shift or otherwise change your work schedule temporarily, you should check whether your OB activities provider can guarantee childcare before you accept the work shift or schedule change.

When deciding whether it is possible to grant changes to a child’s schedule at short notice (if you have not been able to submit your scheduled hours14 days in advance), our starting point is the child’s safety and security and we grant or deny care based on staff availability and the number of children enrolled in the activities.

If you are an hourly employee

If you are an hourly employee, you must retroactively submit your schedule for the childcare needs that you have been granted.

You can pick up or drop off your child no later than 22:00 in the evening. You can pick up your child no earlier than 06:00 in the morning. If you need childcare before 06.00, you must drop off your child no later than 22:00 the night before.

For children coming from an after-school centre to an OB after-school centre, other hours may apply - contact the head teacher for more information. A child who attends after-school and also needs care after 19:00 or at night may come to eat dinner at the OB activities premises.

Any requests for deviations from the pick-up and drop-off times must be raised with the head teacher responsible for the activities.

If your work situation changes in such a way that it affects your need for childcare during inconvenient working hours, for example if your work schedule changes over an extended period, you should notify the person responsible for your child’s OB activities as soon as possible.

Activities during inconvenient working hours are not offered on the holidays of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

For other major holidays, including a number of weeks during the summer, the activities may be coordinated so that childcare is only offered at one unit. This means that your child may encounter new educators and new learning environments.

We hold skills development days for our staff four times per year. These days are intended to ensure that all employees in the team receive skills training. On these days, the OB activities may be coordinated so that childcare is only offered at one unit. This means that your child may encounter new educators and new learning environments.

Special notification is required on these days

During major holidays other than the specific days listed above, as well as during the summer and on staff skills development days, you must submit a special notification of care needs if your child requires care on these days. You will receive information about such notification from your OB activities provider before these days occur.

If you have not used your OB activities placement for three months without notifying us as to your reasons, we can terminate the placement by notifying you in writing. You must then file a new application if you want to keep receiving childcare during inconvenient working hours.

However, the termination of a placement due to absence does not apply if your child has been absent due to illness. It also does not apply if you are studying or on parental leave and you will have a continued need for childcare during inconvenient working hours after your studies or your parental leave.

If your child needs daytime care

If you no longer need care during inconvenient working hours, but you still need childcare during the day, you must personally apply for care at a regular day preschool or after-school centre.

Other rules for terminating a place

Otherwise, the same rules apply to the termination of placement in OB activities as in preschool in general.

Read more about preeschool in this link (preeschool and school) External link.

We will automatically terminate your child’s placement in OB preschool when your child starts normal preschool. If you still need childcare at an after-school centre during inconvenient working hours, you must apply for both after-school care at the school your child attends, as well as for placement at an OB after-school centre.

You can apply for a place in your school’s after-school centre and OB after-school centre at the same time. This is done via Skellefteå Municipality’s Customer Service. Keep in mind that you must submit your certificate of employment and work schedule in order for us to be able to process your application.

Skellefteå Municipality offers pupils transport between their after-school centre and OB activities if their guardian(s) are at work and cannot drive them there themselves. This applies to children placed in municipal schools that have after-school placement. Decisions on transport are made by the school’s head teacher.

If the two locations are withing walking distance of each other, an employee will accompany the child on foot. Otherwise, other means of transport will be arranged.

Contact the head teacher at your child’s school if she/he needs transport between the after-school centre and OB activities.

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