Preschool and school

In Skellefteå it's easy as pie to get your life puzzle together. Great local preschools, schools and kid's play areas are so easily accessible, parents will tell you the best thing about Skellefteå is that "it's a great place to grow up". It's hard to disagree. The handiness of the preschools and schools, and the brilliant play areas are just two of the factors that make Skellefteå a great city for children.

Municipal preschool

Preschool is for children between 1–5 years, and is designed to lay the foundations for lifelong learning, with special attention paid to the child's well-being and development. This should also be a safe and fun time for children. As a guardian, you can choose from a municipal preschool, an independent preschool and traditional daycare, of which the last two are run independently of the municipality.

Independent preschools and educational care

If you want your child to be in a small group of children, you can apply for a place in a traditional family daycare, rather than a preschool. In a family daycare, the child is cared for in a group of 1 to 5 other children in a private home or room, while their parents are studying, working or looking for work.

Finnish-language preschool

Skellefteå municipality offers preschool in Finnish at Norrbacka preschool, which is located in the Alhem district. The preschool has a bilingual unit with both Finnish- and Swedish-speaking teachers. With the help of play, songs, games, conversations and fairy tales in Finnish and Swedish, children are given an opportunity to develop their cultural identity and learn both languages in a natural way.

An open preschool is a day activity where children, parents and preschool staff meet to talk, sing and play together. You can come to an open preschool with your child when the child is 3 months or older. Open preschool is free and can be under the auspices of either the municipality or the church.

Family centers are a meeting place for children and parents, and are located throughout the municipality. The difference between an open preschool and a family center is that in family centers, in addition to an open preschool, there is access to a child care center (BVC), maternity care and the social services' parent counselor.

Skellefteå schools works with both theoretical knowledge and democratic values. The goal is to give children a safe and inviting environment, to set them up to learn for life, and create conditions so that each child can become their best self. Education is compulsory from the age of 6, and it is then time to apply for a school where your child will start their preschool year (this is different from your child attending a preschool from age 1 - 5). Preschool year is free of charge and includes up to 20 hours per week.

A bilingual program from 4th to 8th grade, designed for children with English as their first or second language. The purpose is to ease the transition to the Swedish school system through a supportive and engaging learning environment that bridges language barriers.


The special school (anpassad grundskola) is for children who have an intellectual disability and who do not meet the knowledge requirements for primary and secondary schools. In the municipality, there are special schools, but it is also possible for students to stay at their school and study according to the special school's curriculum.

There are a number of independent schools in the municipality, including the International English School. If you want your child to go to an independent school, contact the school directly. The independent schools have their own queue, and manage their own admissions.

Pupils in school, preschool year and special school are entitled to free school transport from home to the school if such is needed by reason of the length of the journey, traffic conditions, the student's disability or any other special circumstance.

After school extracurricular activities (fritidshem) are offered to students from preschool year to the spring term in the year the student turns 13 years old. The activities support students' social and general development and offer meaningful leisure time. Leisure club (fritidsklubb) is an open activity for children aged 10-12 years that offers activities in culture, creation, sports and movement.

Skellefteå's Kulturskolan (Cultural School) is one of the largest in the country. It offers courses in music, dance, drama, literature, art, handicrafts, media and cultural heritage and has performances in a variety of disiplines.

Skellefteå has three municipal high schools: Anderstorpsskolan and Baldergymnasiet which are located in central Skellefteå, and Naturbruksgymnasiet located in Burträsk. Skellefteå also has a number of independent schools located centrally in the city.

All children and young people of school age have the right to education.
If you have moved to Sweden from another country, you will need to make an application for a school for you or your children. The online service is available in six languages: Arabic, English, Finnish, Persian, Somali and Tigrinya.


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