Skellefteälven- Park Bridge to Skelleftehamn

From Parkbron and out to Skelleftehamn by the sea, fishing is free all year round and you don't need a fishing licence. Many people think that the area around the Victoria Bridge is the best stretch for sea trout fishing in central Skellefteå. For families with children, it is particularly easy to catch perch and pike from the shore in Ursviken and out towards the coast. For those who want to try some exciting ice fishing for whitefish, this coastal area is fantastic, either in early winter or in spring.

Restrictions in Skellefteälven due to crayfish plague

Crayfish in Skellefteälven have been found infected with crayfish plague. This means certain restrictions - partly regarding crayfish fishing but also how you handle fishing equipment, boats and more in the river.

Here you can find information about rules and guidelines

In late autumn, the salmon move out to sea. This increases the chances of catching salmon in the lower parts of the river, making late autumn a really good fishing period. In Ursviken you can rent a canoe at Kanotudden to get out to more fishing spots, and in winter it's easy to walk between them on the ice. During both summer and winter you can fish for grayling, whitefish, pike and perch in the coastal area. Fish from the sea thrive in the sheltered bays and several species make their way to the small lakes up towards the Gulf of Snow to spawn.

However, there are some important rules to keep in mind for you as a fisherman regarding the size of the fish and the time of year when they can be fished. The regulations of the Swedish Water Agency apply.

Salmon: fishing is permitted all year round. Minimum size 50 cm.

Trout: may not be fished from 1 September to 14 October. Minimum size 50 cm. Maximum one trout with adipose fin per fisherman per day. No limit per day for farmed trout that are recognised as lacking adipose fin (a small fin on the dorsal side of salmonids near the tail fin).

Grayling: may not be fished from 15 April to 31 May. Minimum size 35 cm.

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