Hälsans stig

Hälsans stig is a concept that makes nice walking paths accessible to everyone. The Health Trail is located in three places in the municipality, in Skellefteå, Skelleftehamn and Kåge. You can walk, walk with poles or jog along the path of health.

  • In Skellefteå, Hälsans stig runs along the river in central Skellefteå. The seven-kilometre-long walking trail runs along the riverbank from Älvsbackabron in the east to Lejonströmsbron in the west.
  • In Skelleftehamn, the trail is five kilometres long and takes you through a variety of settings around the town.

  • In Kåge, the loop is five kilometres and the walk goes around the community, but also across private land during the summer months.

There are signs in both directions at every kilometre along the loops. So you know how far you have walked no matter where you choose to start and finish.

There are overview maps along the various loops. You can also pick up maps with information and fishing tips at the Tourist Centre.

The Health Trail is accessible all year round, but parts of the route marked with a dotted line are not accessible in winter.

NOTE! Construction of the Karlgårds Bridge is currently underway. This means disruption to the regular route. North side just south of Nordanå. South side just east of Sunnanå cemetery. See signs in the areas concerned. The bridge is expected to be completed in summer 2024.

Health tours in the municipality's service areas

Health clinics are also available in most of the municipality's service towns, such as Boliden (hjärtefemman), Jörn, Bureå and Byske. Most of these can also be used in winter.

Here you can see an overview map of where the Health Rounds are located. You can then zoom in to the round that is of interest.

The first Health Trail was created in Ireland in 1995 by the Irish Heart Foundation and is called Slí na Slánte. Thanks to EU funding, the paths spread across Europe and on to North and South America and Australia. The idea is to inspire people to exercise for the sake of public health. In June 2000, the Health Trail was inaugurated in Skellefteå. Throughout Sweden there are about 125 Health Paths, all in attractive settings.

The Swedish Heart-Lung Association External link.(external link) is the project owner for the Health Trail in Sweden.

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