Childcare at atypical hours (nights and weekends)

If you work in evenings, nights, or in the weekends, your child is welcome to any of our childcare centres with special opening hours.

Childcare at atypical hours (translates to OB activities/ OB-förskola in Swedish) are for children in the age span 1-12 years, whose guardians work:

  • in weekdays between 7 pm and 6 am,
  • on Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays.

Your need of childcare during atypical hours must be frequently recurring. Before you apply, see if there are other ways to meet your child’s need for care, or if it is possible to have your work schedule changed to daytime on weekdays.

For children in the rural areas of Skellefteå, the head teacher may decide to offer childcare until 10 pm on weekdays in the local preschool or school. In the nights and during weekends, childcare is only offered at centres in Skellefteå city. However, anyone can apply for a placement at these places.

You can apply online or through a physical application form. The online app requires that you have a Swedish Bank-ID. The application must be signed by both guardians (unless you have sole custody).

In your application, the two of you must submit:

  • your certificate of employment
  • your work schedule

If you don’t have access to your individual work schedule, we need a written confirmation from the employer that you are working at atypical hours as proof that you need this sort of childcare.

If you can’t use the online app, you are welcome to order an application form by calling 0910 73 50 00, or send an email to You can also collect one at our Customer Services Desk at the Town Hall.

Send the completed form, certificates of employment, and work schedules to:

Skellefteå Municipality
Trädgårdsgatan 6
931 85 Skellefteå

The processing time is four months, starting from the day your complete application is submitted.

You will receive notification about a placement at latest one month ahead of your child’s start date. You must accept or decline the placement after you have received the notification, in line with the instructions you are given in the notice.

The introduction period at the childcare centre lasts for around two weeks to ensure that your child gets familiarized with the new environment and people, together with you as a guardian. During these two weeks, you will spend time there both in day and in the night.

After the introduction period has ended, you can resume work. We may agree to move forward or postpone the introduction by a maximum of 14 days.

When your child has got a placement, you need to fill in a time schedule for the childcare. You do this through the app Edlevo.

Your child’s schedule must match your working hours (including time for transport to and from work). If you work night shifts, the child’s schedule may also cover the hours of sleep you need after you’ve finished a shift (usually 8 hours).

If you have issues with filling out the schedule in the app, you are welcome to reach out to our Customer Service by calling 0910 73 50 00 or send an email to

Last-minute schedule changes

Your child’s schedule must be updated no later than 14 days ahead of time so that we can plan our staffing. Keep the childcare centre as updated as possible if there are changes with short notice to your work schedule. For example, if you suddenly won’t work a night shift as planned, your child does not have the right to childcare that night.

If you are asked by your employer to work an extra shift with short notice, you must first check with the childcare centre if it’s possible to make last-minute changes to your child’s schedule before you accept the extra shift. The childcare centre decides on your request based on staff availability and the number of children being scheduled.

In night-time, you can pick up or drop off your child at 10 p.m. as latest. In the morning, you can pick up your child at 6 a.m. as earliest.

This means that if you need childcare before 6 a.m., you need to leave your child as latest 10 p.m. in the night before. For children arriving from an after-school centre (fritids) to the childcare centre, other rules may apply.

If you have questions, you are welcome to contact the head teacher of the childcare centre.

The childcare centres are closed on these dates every year:

  • December 24 (Christmas Eve)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day)
  • December 26 (Boxing Day)
  • December 31 (New Year’s Eve)
  • January 1 (New Year’s Day)

In addition, there are four weeks in the middle of the summer; from July 10th to August 4th, where the childcare centres are organized differently, as this is the big vacation period for Swedes. Most units close during these weeks. If you need childcare this period, you must submit a specific application. Read more about the summer setup and how to apply here:

The summer setup of preschools and after-school centres

If you want to change from childcare at atypical hours to a regular daytime preschool, you need to cancel your spot and submit an application where you state the new preferred preschool(s).

Read more about how to apply for a preschool placement here:

Apply for a preschool placement

To cancel your place at the childcare centre, use the online app or fill out and send in the form below.

Form: cancel your placement at the childcare centre External link.

Long term absence will lead to termination of your placement

If your child hasn’t been attending the childcare centre for three consecutive months or more, the placement might be terminated if you haven’t shared any legitimate reasons to the childcare centre to why the child has been absent.

We will automatically terminate your child’s placement in the childcare centre for young children (1-6 years) when your child starts school. If you still need childcare, you can apply for both a placement in school-age educare (fritids) and a placement at a childcare centre at atypical hours for older children (6-12 years).

You are welcome to contact our Customer Service to get help with your application by calling 0910-73 50 00, or send an email to

We offer children transport between the school-age educare and childcare centre if their guardians are at work. If the two centres are within walking distance, an employee will accompany the child. In other cases, we will arrange other means of transport.

If you need transport for your child, you are welcome to contact the head teacher of the school.

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