Skellefteälven - Mobacken to Parkbron

During the summer months, many fishermen gather along the stretch of the river from Mobacken to Parkbron. In spring, the sea trout migrate up the river and the opportunities for catching really big fish are particularly good. The conditions are equally rewarding in autumn when large numbers of spawning salmon enter the river.

Restrictions in Skellefteälven due to crayfish plague

Crayfish in Skellefteälven have been found infected with crayfish plague. This means certain restrictions - partly regarding crayfish fishing but also how you handle fishing equipment, boats and more in the river.

Here you can find information about rules and guidelines

Along the entire stretch there are walking and cycling paths that make it easy to find a place to fish from. There are also fireplaces and shelters set up. Fishing in this part of the Skellefte River is managed by the Lejonström fishing area. A fishing permit is required to fish here.

After the Park Bridge and out to the sea, fishing is free.

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