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Choosing your education is a big step in shaping your own future. As a student on Campus Skellefteå, you will have a net...

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Come closer to your adventure! Studying in Sweden is a great way of enhancing your personal development, while enjoying ...

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Campus grounds offer a multitude of opportunities for students, enterprises and the public sector. Among the many option...

Extraordinary or quite ordinary

Most people who apply to Campus Skellefteå have a passion they want to express, realise, even experience. It may be something extraordinary, but it may also be quite ordinary. Like being the best in the world in PC game design or making a career change from shop attendant to nurse, without having to relocate, or recruiting people who work for global welfare. As a venue for all these strong wills, our task is to make sure that all the peripheral elements fall into place.

Student life in Skellefteå

Skellefteå offers a wide variety of activities, for every taste and for every one. There are things to do, things to see and attractions to experience. You can find activities for every day of the week, whether you like the great outdoors or rather stays inside. Explore attractions that are centuries old, enjoy exciting activities in natureand find lots of things to do right here in Skellefteå or in the the surroundings

The jobs are in Skellefteå

Welcome home!

Skellefteå is flourishing and we need you and your skills. With several thousand jobs becoming available and Sweden's lowest unemployment rates, there are attractive jobs in whatever industry you are active in!

Welcome home to Sweden's best job market!


  • The flight school of the future is in Skellefteå

    Electric flights, northern lights and personal development - the Green Flight Academy in Skellefteå attracts students from all over the world to a new kind of flight school in the north. - The aviation industry is undergoing major changes. We want to build the pilots of the future as confident and soft leaders, says Cecilia Holmlund, site manager at Green Flight Academy. At Skellefteå Airport, aspiring pilots gather for the world's most sustainable flight school. In the spring of 2024, the first students will graduate from the Green Flight Academy - where large parts of the training take place with electric flights. But the training is not limited to electric flights, it includes all elements for a commercial flight certificate. This allows you to apply for a job as an airline pilot. Once there, you have to take a special course for the plane you are going to fly," says Cecilia Holmlund, site manager at the Green Flight Academy. Students from all over the world In August 2021, Sweden's most powerful electricity supply for aviation was inaugurated at Skellefteå Airport and a few months later the first two permanently placed electric aircraft arrived at Green Flight Academy. With students from Australia, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, among others, the program is an international melting pot, and for many applicants, the opportunity to experience northern Sweden was a big part of the attraction. - The theoretical training takes place on Campus Skellefteå and the student accommodation is 150 meters from the flight school and ten minutes from the city center. "Here the future pilots get to live student life with the other students - it has been very much appreciated," says Cecilia Holmlund.

  • This is a place where dreams come true

    How do you attract aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea? Skellefteå is home to the unique support organization SmartUp, which supports idea creators – whether the dream was born around a dinner table in Skellefteå or in a workshop in Aleppo, Syria. We met Jenny Moberg and Therese Johansson, who have been nominated for SmartUp of the Year, and Mohamad Sassila, who is living his dream.

  • Where crazy ideas become success stories

    How could Skråmträsk, of all places, become the filming location for something as thrilling as a horror movie? The village is a magnet for families with children and cozy café visits, and virtually every other farmhouse is occupied by a skilled traditional craftsman. We paid a visit to a charming hamlet that never ceases to amaze.

    Familj på fika
  • They left Birmingham for Skellefteå: ”Simpler family life here”

    When Ellen and Kristopher Vanes decided to leave the village of Stonnall, just north of Birmingham in England, and move to another country, they chose Skellefteå in Sweden. After thorough research they found that the Swedish east coast ticked all the boxes, and their move to the village of Klutmark, just outside of Skellefteå, turned out to be the perfect choice for the couple and their sons Seth, 6, Isaac, 5, and Noah, 1. – Here, there is more focus on family life than in England. Our salaries are higher, the house prices are reasonable and the boys enjoy the Swedish school and preschool much better, says Ellen.

  • Arctic Game Week, the game event of northern Sweden

    After two years of canceled events due to the pandemic, we can now proudly present the best Arctic Game Week ever! As the midnight sun shines over northern Sweden, we once again open the doors to a week filled with business conferences, networking, entertainment and the public event Nordsken where games, culture and creativity meet. The event will be arranged in Skellefteå, Sweden, in the new cultural center Sara Kulturhus and in Skellefteå Kraft Arena. The focus of Arctic Game Week is to create a strong platform with global appeal and to strengthen the Nordic entertainment industry. A unique conference with new business opportunities based on Intellectual Properties.

  • The next chapter of Lina’s life begins in Skellefteå

    After 16 years, Lina Öberg has moved from the suburbs of Stockholm to a house in Sunnanå, Skellefteå. She and her husband Nils Bränström found similar jobs to the ones they had in Stockholm. “It feels like a brand new Skellefteå compared to the one we left.” If this development had not taken place, she is not so sure that they would have been moving back home.

  • Boliden Rönnskär – a world leader in metal recycling

    Boliden Rönnskär in Skelleftehamn is one of the world’s most efficient copper smelting plant and a world leader in recycling of electronics, with the ambition to always develop even further. Our latest project is a new streamlined leaching facility and unique final storage for process waste products.

  • Fredrik and Frida moved back home to build their career and family

    Fredrik Johansson and Frida Viksten both graduated Uppsala – then they moved right back home to Skellefteå. “That was the plan from the start. We wanted an adventure but we also realized that we might as well start our careers in Skellefteå and live in a family-friendly city,” says Fredrik.